Why ???Ok??? Buttons in Dialog Boxes Work Best on the Right – UX Movement

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But??ton place??ment is impor??tant, but remem??ber to also pay atten??tion to the visual weight and labels you give your but??tons. All of these design aspects come into play when users process dia??log boxes. Now that you under??stand the rea??sons why ???Ok??? but??tons work best on the right, you???ll have some??thing more to refer to when fig??ur??ing out but??ton place??ment than the flimsy plat??form con??sis??tency argument.

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  1. Please note that the semi-anonymous author hypothesizes sometimes quite cleverly but AFAIK so far never has supported his claims with actual field data. Until then all his articles remain just that: unproven claims, unfortunately. And as such have to be taken with at least a grain of salt.

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