iPhoto9 Keyword Manager support update info

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As you know, Keyword Manager is not yet compatible with iPhoto 9 (iLife ’11), and we are working on a solution to resolve this issue.


Unfortunately this update has proven to be a bit bigger in terms of Keywording than the previous ones, and therefore we expect this to take some time. This is due to that we need to re-reverse engineer the iPhoto API, and there has been a lot of changes to the parts that we have been using to implement Keyword Manager.

Currently, we have worked through a little more than half of the API calls that we make to iPhoto, but there are still more work to be done and we also need to do quite a lot of testing before we can do a full release.


Thank you for being patient with this update and please forgive us for not updating you guys (our beloved customers!) on this matter in a more timely fashion.


– The Bullstorm Crew

this sounds like the update will not be free. i’m missing the keyword manager lots though

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