without friend lists facebook would be useless for me

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There’s an article on techcrunch Zuckerberg: “Guess What? Nobody Wants To Make Lists. – I do not agree and I commented 

without friends lists facebook would be useless for me. i have about 20 of them because i do not want to share everything with co-workers or whoever. i have a very mixed network, …. when uploading pictures of my kids i share them with my close friends only (a list). don’t want everyone to be able to chat with me (another list), i do not want all coworkers to know about my very personal live i.e. and i do not want to bother all my network with metalcore videos some of my friends love (another list). sometimes i share with german speaking friends only, sometimes only with contacts from the USA…. there’s too much noise for everyone already, why bother the others?

i don’t think people dont like lists, they probably don’t know about them, or don’t know how to use them…

okay, probably i have a little too many lists, but i wouldn’t use facebook without them.

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