tumblr vs. posterous?! my thoughts in a nutshell

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mhm, i hope i will find time to add more comments here or there. some of it is plain bullshit in my opinion, some things you cannot compare – tumblr is huge because there’s a lot of porn and teenie content, because it’s easy to reblog, because it’s older, because people use it to communicate like others do on twitter or facebook, not within comments (like here) but with a new entry (weird) because… because.

not well designed? did you see that it’s up to you to change the template? just like tumblr. „simple plain white“ design doesn’t mean bad design. posterous is about content (!) and simplicity … i really like it, this is why i didn’t change my template so far. I like the one Garry made.

the only thing that posterous doesn’t have is automatic import (via RSS etc) – but it works the other way round, you send from posterous to the other sites. Like i say you cannot compare the two in every aspect.

Probably find time to go into this a little more later.
Add your thoughts if you like.

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