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a collection and summary of predictions:

10 Web trends to watch in 2010

  • Real-time ramps up 
  • Location, location, location 
  • Augmented reality 
  • Content ‚curation‘ 
  • Cloud computing 
  • Internet TV and movies 
  • Convergence conundrum 
  • Social gaming 
  • Mobile payments 
  • Fame abundance, privacy scarcity 


Six Social Media Trends for 2010

  • Social media begins to look less social 
  • Corporations look to scale  
  • Social business becomes serious play    
  • Your company will have a social media policy 
  • Mobile becomes a social media lifeline    
  • Sharing no longer means e-mail


Top Digital Trends For 2010

  • Facebook replaces personal email 
  • Open source software starts making money (thanks to the cloud) 
  • Mobile commerce – The promise that has never delivered, yet 
  • Fewer registrations — one sign-in fits all (facebook connect, openid,…) 
  • Disruption vs. continuity – alternatives to the “big idea” 
  • The continuing evolution of Web-driven, open source DIY culture 
  • Info-art 
  • Crowd sourcing 
  • More Flash, not less 


Web Design Trends for 2010

  • Oversized Logos/ Headers (Huge headers that make your visitors remember you.) 
  • Sketch/ Hand-drawn Design (Sketch becomes an elemental part of corporate design.) 
  • Slab Typefaces (Slab typefaces is used to bravely express who you are.) 
  • Typography (Typography is young, but will continue to be a part of web design) 
  • One Page Layouts (One page layouts will be more about personal profiles and less corporate.) 
  • Huge Images (Huge images will be used to invite visitors in.) 
  • Change of Perspective (2010 will play around with different perspectives.) 
  • Interactive/ Intuitive Design (Interactive design will make a come-back) 
  • Modal Boxes (Modal boxes will continue to pop up in 2010 designs) 
  • Minimalism ( Minimalism will venture into typology.) 
  • Oversized Footer (Oversized Footers will feature less important, but more personal information.) 
  • Retro (retro is new) 
  • Intro Boxes (New ways to say “hello.”) – Magazine Layouts (Magazine layouts will be used for infotainment sites.)


10 Big Marketing Predictions For 2010

  • Big Brands Will Learn From Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Niche Brands.
  • Digital Schmoozing: Networking Online – Death Of The One-Way Website
  • Content Marketing: Brands As Media Sources And Publishers 
  • Online Video: Forget Viral Focus On Function 
  • Death Of The 30-Second Ad: Rise Of Creative Paid Content 
  • Reputation Marketing: Customer Service And Caring 
  • Event Marketing (before, during, after the event) 
  • Social Media: No Longer A Buzzword In Marketing 
  • Relationships, Relationships, Relationships. 


Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010

  • Cloud Computing. 
  • Advanced Analytics. 
  • Client Computing. 
  • IT for Green. 
  • Reshaping the Data Center. 
  • Social Computing. 
  • Security – Activity Monitoring. 
  • Flash Memory. 
  • Virtualization for Availability. 
  • Mobile Applications.


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What do you think? What are your predictions for 2010?


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