Won’t renew Vimeo Plus

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This showed up a few days ago.But i won’t extend my Plus account on vimeo.I really love the site with its wonderfully inspiring and clean design.The content is of high-quality not only from a technical point of view.
Two reasons i won’t renew: The site is still so damn slow for me, i never found out why. It takes over a minute sometimes for the homepage to load with a 16Mbit broadband connection (at home). Second, i just don’t make so many videos anymore, that i would need to have that much quota. The quality of my videos cannot cope with the rest there anyway, so…
I was given the plus account last year by a dear friend.Thanks alot for that again! :)

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  1. Since I have almost filled up my 500 MB monthly limit with my single last HD upload I’m asking myself if I should buy a pro account. Now that part of the Vimeo movies have become accessible on the iPhone, extending this feature to pro users might be the reason why I’ll probably switch to a pro account in the future.

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