Gowalla spot-size problems

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I resized this spot yesterday to the maximum size available (thanks to @mc_o for the hint) but it still won’t let me log in on the other side of the central station. I even tried to place the pin in the center of the whole place… For those who are familiar with the place: When I created the spot I was located at track 10/11. Logging in at the other end in the subway ( the side the cathedral is placed ) doesn’t work. I think it’s quite stupid to create a new spot isn’t it? Any ideas? Is it because I’m underground and GPS is too low probably?


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  1. If you do not have a proper GPS signal, you won??t be able to Check In. No matter how near you are to the spot. And maybe the Train Station in Cologne is just too damn big for gowalla. So you ought to create different spots (e.g. Station entrance east, Station entrace west).

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