Beginners Guide to Google Wave

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a semi-informal wave (for more in depth: The Comprehensive Usage Guide to Google Wave)

Viewing public Waves
Type in the search box: with:public

Making a public Wave
Up at the top of a wave, click the plus sign. and type in and press enter.

Zoom out with Chrome
Wave scales with Chrome’s zoom in/out. Ctrl and scrollwheel.

Playback records new blips, blip deletions, and edits to blips it does not seem to record each step of editing within a blip

Multiline Blips
You can use the return or enter keys to add new lines to a blip shift return or shift enter will exit the blip.

Embeding Youtube Videos
If you just paste in a YouTube URL, a lightbulb will appear if you click on the lightbulb, a dropdown will appear that says embed video simply click that and the video will appear

Adding Bots
You can add Bots like you would any other participant by clicking the plus button at the top of a wave or by adding them to your contacts (with the plus button in that panel) and draging them to the top bar in the wave.

Adding Wave Extensions
Extensions Gallery

Linking to other waves
To create a link, locate in the Search panel the wave you’d like to reference. Then, drag and drop that wave into your compose window. Voila! Your waves are linked.
Keep in mind that, in order for people to see the contents of the wave to which you’ve linked, they’ll need to be participants on both.
The XKCD Wave

How to add photos
You can either drag and drop your photos from your computer to your message or use the images menu in the bottom right corner.
Note: you must be editing a message for either of these to work.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Editing (i.e. Bold, italicize, etc.)
Ctrl-B toggles bold attributes for selected text
Ctrl-I toggles italics attributes for selected text
Ctrl-U Toggles underline attributes for selected text
Ctrl-G Color
Ctrl-L Links to another Wave (highlight text, hit CTRL-L and put in a URL or a Wave ID

Mouse tips
Ctrl+Click Open multiple waves at once

So far Google hasn’t implemented this, but if you mistakenly deleted something you shouldnt just use the Playback function and recopy everything back to its place.

Will add some more links this weekend, as soon as i tested wave a little more

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