Simple Blogging Faceoff: Tumblr vs. Posterous (via mashable)

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…This isn???t the first time we???ve put these two web services in opposite corners: we compared the two in a head-to-head comparison (Posterous won, but not by much). Since then though, Posterous has added custom themes and Tumblr broke 255 million pageviews.

So which simple blogging platform deserve to earn the title of winner of this week???s Web Faceoff? The answer to that question is up to you. Cast your ballot in the poll below. The voting booth will stay open until noon EST on Friday, October 2nd.

And don???t forget: once you vote, let us know your logic and reasoning in the comments.

Who would win in a fight: Tumblr or Posterous?(polls)

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  1. Was ’ne Frage. Ohne mein Posterous k??nnt‘ ich garnich mehr leben. :)

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