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Author: Oliver Stengele (kamikaze28)


Requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

These services will appear in every contextual menu of files. You are now just 2 clicks away from posting something to Dropbox!

Usage Instructions


• Drag ‚Move to Dropbox.workflow‘ and/or ‚Copy to Dropbox.workflow‘ to
• ~/Library/Services/
Open the workflows in Automator and edit the Python script (in the block ‚run shell-script) Change value of
• dropboxID = “
To your ID. For example, look at the download link at the bottom of this page – you can see my Dropbox-ID there:
Just look at one of your public links to find your Dropbox-ID.

• Right-click on a file or folder (in Finder, Mail, …) and select ‚Move/Copy to Dropbox‘ from the contextual menu. Files will be put into your Dropbox public folder, auto-synched and the URLs to these files will be put in the clipboard. In the case of folders, there will be URLs to all the files itcontaines in the clipboard. Files of the same name will not be replaced. If you want to change this, you can edit the ‚Move/Copy Finder items‘-blockin the workflow (there is a checkmark to enable ‚overwrite existing files‘).



thanks to @moellus

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  1. just realised that this was not posted correctly… when you have a line with "–" in the mail body the post gets cut

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