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There are many of these lists and even more GTD tools with checklist features and more advanced stuff, but when @maoneill asked for suggestions i thought i’d update my list and share it with you.
Here are some of the tools i know, add yours in the comments if you like.  

iPhone: (links go to the iTunes app store)

desktop (mac):


even more:

I tested many of these within the last years, changed a lot depending on my projects and tasks and mood. One thing is for sure: There is not THE tool for everyone and every condition. Don’t want to go too deep into that topic here cause it’s huge but i think you have to find the tools that you like to work with, your own way to organize things and tease your productivity. Getting things done is not (only) a question of tools.

I’m mostly using things and taskpaper at the moment, but i also like to use my moleskine and write down tasks by hand sometimes. Feel free to add links and ideas in the comments below. Thank you.


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