How to send videos from your iPhone 3G (not S) to posterous and twitter

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… and a lot more locations if you like. 

What you need is 
1. a jailbroken iPhone 3G 
2. a Pixelpipe account 
3. the Pixelpipe iPhone app (free) ITS 
4. Cycorder via Cydia 
5. ppVideoEnabler via Cydia 
This is probably not new but i just found ppVideoEnabler today when i searched for „video“ in Cydia. I already had Pixelpipe on my iPhone and used it before OS 3.0 added support for uploading multiple pictures. With Pixelpipe that was possible even before 3.0. Anyway now i can record Videos with Cycorder and after installing ppVideoEnabler they appear in the media-list within Pixelpipe. 
You have to set up your Pixelpipe-destinations (pic 5) like posterous, flickr, facebook, etc (the list is huge) and then use the desired destination-tag (@posterous here, see pic 9). Just like pictures the .mov files get uploaded to Pixelpipe and then forwarded to the destinations you tagged it with.

I have set up a destination with the email „“ so i can send media to twitter with a link. Here’s an example

Pixelpipe can be used on other mobile devices as well. See tools.   

Oh and one more advantage, when your iPhone gets synched iPhoto copies the .mov files as well, so you don’t need to use fugu to download them via Wifi anymore. 


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