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When i first saw that you can autopost to delicious i thought i should try posterous as a new social bookmarking service.

I am using mento since 15 months now but it’s lacking some things i long for and it seems that it’s not being worked on anymore, so no improvements and new features in sight. Luckily i have always sent my bookmarks to delicous as well (mento offers this through the api), so there is kind of a backup and quicker way to search through them. I have a need to search through my old bookmarks from time to time or through those of my network, when i think „man, there was this site but i can’t remember the name or URL…„. Mentos search result page is not very helpful in this case unfortunately, very confusing and unclear with duplicates so i mostly used delicious when searching. 

So why not use delicious in the first place? Well, for me delicious is definately missing a visual glance at the bookmarks. A thumbnail, screenshot, logo,… Mento has this, posterous has this. You can easily add images with their bookmarklets. Yesterday i tested delish, a mac OSX desktop app, but it’s very slow and it only shows you the thumbnails which are created „on the fly“, so it’s only about half the deal.

Well okay, having screenshots is not everything. What am i looking for exactly? How do i use mento nowadays and what should posterous have to fulfill my need here? 

I use Mentos Firefox plugin when i use Firefox and the bookmarklet in Safari. The plugin has some more features but the bookmarklet is okay in most cases. When there is no nice visual on the page i want to bookmark i use skitch to upload a screenshot of the prefered area to mento first, the uploaded picture is shown with the next bookmark then automatically. This btw was a great great feature Greg implemented! Mentos bookmarklet lets you add tagschannels and descriptions, gives you a chance to directly share this link with a network friend (or a facebook contact) or via twitter. This is something i am missing with the posterous bookmarklet: Adding tags directly. 

Network: my Mento network consists of a few very likeminded people whose boomarks i like a lot, early adopters, designers, coders, people that like and need the same things i do. Posterous does make it easy to follow people and create a new network, even though i am missing something like channels, topic groups and explore pages to find new people and content, to have a bigger feeling of a community and a togetherness. Edit: i just found there actually is an explore page.

Autoposting to delicious creates a bookmark to the posterous article not the target. This could be very confusing for people searching and finding my bookmarks at delicious, it’s about sharing, so i want it to be nice not only for myself. Another fact is that you can send exclusively to delicious only via email (not the bookmarklet) or by autoposting to delicious later, when the post has already been published. 

By default „autopost everywhere“ is checked in posterous‘ bookmarklet and it’s hidden behind the „advanced options“ link. I do not want to flood all my linked networks like facebook, twitter, friendfeed, tumblr with this as well, but it would happen once i forget to uncheck and select the right posterous from the list ( i want to use a seperate blog for the bookmarks )

I think posterous‘ search would do the job for me, although i would love to have a quick result view with only the titles listed as well (not only but as an option, see delicious). I know, this is the exact opposite of my wish for screenshots but sometimes this is handy. 

But that is about it i think. Anything else here at posterous feels so supersmooth that it makes me smile each time i use it. It’s easy as 1-2-3 with the ability to send everything in via email and Garry and Sachin really seem to be nice guys listening to their users.

I already exchanged some thoughts about this whole topic here at Andy’s posterous (german). 

Please leave your comments if you have ideas or solutions… thanks alot for reading!


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