comparing expono to ipernity

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A few days ago i got an invite to expono – which looks like just another photo-sharing site at first sight. It has a few features ipernity doesn’t, but it’s not always a question of features.

I have 0 invites left, if you want to check expono out, send me your email address please

Here are some screenshots (ipernity) – also you can view them here (expono).

What i like about it (that ipernity is missing):

  • support
  • twitter and facebook integration
  • clean website design, look and feel
  • nice javascript slideshow with keyboard navigation
  • album & picture sharing with passwords for non-members
  • the credit idea & rating pictures
  • find duplicates
  • photo stack
  • inbox look and feel / distinction of system and real messages
  • viewers can filter and sort pictures instantly
  • the activity dashboard
  • see featurelist for details

What i don’t like or miss about it:

  • not enough space: only 1GB of free space
  • too expensive: pro accounts are 45$ with 10GB a year, at ipernity you can get 10GB a month for 24€ a year, i think even flickr is cheaper
  • feature and icon-overload for people that are not used to it
  • quite new, so the community is missing

Actually i feel home at ipernity and i do not want to „move“ again, even though i could use some of exponos features. Some of them are on my personal wishlist for ipernity for some time now.

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