A tribute to MJ (free song)

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very nice (free) song

p.diddy spread it on twitter yesterday.

some personal words:

his death has been a hype topic on twitter and elsewhere since it was made public and some people started making fun of it or got upset by the mass of tweets concerning the topic. i do not understand this. yes every hype topic is disturbing for some in their timeline (tv shows, polititcs ,… ) but you cannot pretend that this is not important to talk about this for some people that atleast want to say goodbye or something – show a little respect in a way. We are all human, we have a social core, some more, some less. if you don’t want to read it keep your twitter clients closed or unfollow then follow back. I do think this has something to do with respect- also for those who tweet about it. Kind of „being part of it“, some people probably feel better when they know and realize that they are not alone with their emotions and thoughts – generally or in this case. yes, most of all the people didn’t know MJ in person but they can still have feelings for him or his music and about his death now. I don’t think it’s just hype. Twitter is communication, communication means good and bad, ups and downs, not always funny, not always rational – we are human, right?

Michael Jacksons music and the rumors and stories about his life have been part of my childhood and teenage years and until now. I am not a super-fan or something but i liked his music and what effect it had on the music and dance world. I was curious about the planned final tour that was about to begin in a few days… He was a crazy guy in ways i like and in some i don’t understand and don’t really know much about. But so be it, i do wanna show respect and say i was shocked by the news. Understand it or not… 

Once more : Rest in peace


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