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as of 2008-07-04.
* some sites are directly linked to my profiles.

I think i have accounts at over a few hundred websites, these are the ones i use daily or often and/or suggest/recommend (right now). this changes daily!



often & sometimes


more suggestions & recommendations

laterloop, zootool, woobby, boomloop, aka-aki, brightkite, evernote, dopplr,
, jaiku, linkedin, urbandictionary, rememberthemilk, scribd, slideshare,
#hashtags, cocomment, lingr, google groups, pbwiki, plazes,…




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  1. @franz: nothing, i just don’t use it anymore cause… well nothing happened. you know? too hard to follow people, no app. too time-consuming.

  2. You should try Wolpy. It’s a tool for tracking your travels and visited places

  3. @jene22 thanks, all the travelpages are not listed ( except for dopplr) because i never travel :D

  4. Would be so great if they all could implement Foaf and let me import this to new Services so i could cut the „Friend Connect“ Part and just get to work with the Features

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