#306: Why Pissed?

The flickr censorship drama – my personal view

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#306: Why Pissed?
Why am i pissed about flickrs censorship at all?
Several people keep asking me that and if flickr itself is to blame or was being forced to do that move, perhaps because of german laws or something. Well, first of all: until now, no one could tell me which german law enforces flickr to close the door to us germans. If anyone has an answer please let me know. I am still looking for the „why“?

Stewards attempt to find an explanation is hilarious to me. What has the language feature (with bad translation) to do with the censorship. And btw. how many german flickr-users have switched to german language here so far? None? One? Oh ok,… And how many are glad about your censorship move? None? One?… Oh i see. Fine.

Flickr has become a big part if my life. Most of you know how many hours i spent here (with some few time off) throughout the last months, years. A lot of you see my face here everyday because i am a member of 365 (a self-portrait every day for a year). Some of you know why i need this and why i am doing so many self-portraits, comments, why i am so open and explicit concerning personal things. None of you can actually see how sad and mad i am since yesterday. I feel like i have been cheated, betrayed by a good friend. ( Is flickr female btw? Ok sorry for that…;) )

Remember this? The „flickr is a relief“-process Chart.
This was an attempt to express what flickr means to me, my life, my brain, my heart. Not a site where i can upload pictures of my surroundings to, my family, my children and friends, myself, designs. Not a community of and for photographers and those that like fotos.
Not a possibility to backup my digital mess. Not a photoblog i share my emotions with others in, helping eachother to fight extreme depressions and even laugh together a lot. Not an example for nice and easy web2.0 usability and simplicity.
No, all of the above in one,… and more. A friend, partner, companion, therapist, brother (or sister)…

THIS has a psychological and therapeutical meaning to me. Is flickr responsible for the emotions they evoke when they do such things? Do they even think about this before they act? I am not sure myself. Don’t want them to blame for that but…

What i think flickr MUST have done before this move!
I cannot and will not believe that flickr doesn’t know about it’s german community at all, there must be millions of users, important users. Important for flickr and their image as well. Check what happened yesterday here in germany and the whole world within minutes. I don’t understand why flickr did NOT inform the germans about what’s happening BEFORE we were confronted with these news. I think flickr MUST have emailed us about how sorry they are they have to change this and that and , „well… here’s your amend: A two-year pro-account for free for all of you germans (and the others involved for sure) . We are sorry but this is necessary because… we hope you understand, we will do our best to… blabla„. NOTHING, not even now! Only weak statements of a few, hidden in group-threads. See?

So why not just quit and use another service
See above. None of the alternative sites can gimme all of that. Not at the moment.

Sascha Assbach,
German, 33, still flickr user, feeling un-loved by you!


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